The Stranger Who Just Smiled At You :-)

A person who just want things simple. A person who doesn't want things glamorous 'cos it's just not her. A person who is God-fearing. A person who couldn't care less when attacked. A person who hates math bigtime. A person who loves to read and write about random things that just pops in her head. A person who loves hugs. A person who loves music. A person who loves musical instruments and tries to play it. A person who sings with all her heart despite how ear bleeding it is. A person who can be a bit clumsy and an OC at the same time. A person who is not the "girly-girl" type or whatever you may call it but is 100% female. A person who refuses to wear make-up, skirts and high-heels. A person who loves the color red and the black and white combination. A person who loves to write and receive letters. A person who can be very patient. A person who is an "NBSB" and proud of it. Someone with a name that starts with a J got her heart (Matthew 1:21)

This blog contains random thoughts, opinions, things I would like to share and the list goes on. This can be an avenue for me to express myself even more. This blog keeps my sanity, Haha! So if you're reading this right now, Kindly put up with me. I have a bad grammar and my posts can be a little senseless, but what's important is that I was able to express myself. Thank you for reading anyway :-D XX
Do not hesitate to ask ;-)

It’s just that I don’t want to be somebody’s crush. If somebody likes me, I want them to like the real me, not what they think I am. And I don’t want them to carry it around inside. I want them to show me, so I can feel it too.

Charlie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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